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Sharing the Burden of Content Creation

Many of our clients are excellent writers. They don't have the time to create their own content. They can maintain an editorial calendar for a few months but then they get too busy, and their blog and social media falls apart with weeks and even months going by before they post again.

I understand their predicament. They want to do their own writing and it takes a lot for them to admit that it isn't going to happen.

All of us have things that we can do and would like to do, but simply don't have enough time to get to everything that needs to be done.

When that occurs, we need to focus on "mission-critical" work and outsource the other tasks that can be done by other resources.

Like content creation, for instance.

Don't burnout by taking on too much or take time away from the work that only you can do.

Find a resource and share the burden of content creation with them.

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