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Twenty Topics You Can Write About

People are often asking me how I am able to come up with topics for my blogs so I thought it might be helpful to provide you with some ideas that can put you on the road to blogging success.

For instance, write blogs on:

1. The answers to questions that are frequently asked by your prospects and clients (this is what I am doing in this post!)

2. Changes in your industry

3. Current events that have had a major impact (Covid 19, anyone?)

4. Interview a client

5. Interview an employee

6. “How to” articles

7. Personal stories

8. Best practices

9. Review a product or company

10. Contests

11. What “not” to do

12. Contests and games

13. Do a parody

14. Have a guest blog

15. Your company’s mission

16. Interview a person of interest

17. What makes you/your company different

18. How to overcome a _______________

19. Focus on a charity you support

20. Best business advice you’ve ever gotten

Let your creativity guide you and don’t be afraid that you’re going too far afield. Remember, keep the reader interested and they will be more likely to engage.

If you find that coming up with consistent topics is too time consuming, stressful and takes you away from the more mission critical aspects of your job, then do consider outsourcing your content development to professionals that do this every day and can do it for you too.

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