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What You SHOULDN’T Write About

They say, “content is king” but let me be the first to let you know that not ALL content is what you want to post.

In no particular order, you should have second thoughts about posting any of the following:

· Content that is “over-the-top” and so personal that it will make people feel uncomfortable. Being “real” is perfectly fine but be careful to not cross the line. When in doubt, ask someone to read the content before you post it.

· Content that is not checked for accuracy and hence, filled with inaccurate information (aka fake news!)

· Content that runs counter to your personal brand.

· Content in which you are plagiarizing and/or not giving the appropriate credit.

We’ve all seen articles and posts that left us shaking our heads and wondering what could have possibly compelled the individual to write that post. Remember that just because you “can” write about it, doesn’t mean that you should.

Exercise some discretion and if you find yourself running out of topics you can turn to Google for some content ideas, repurpose old posts, repurpose articles written by someone else (giving the appropriate credit, of course), or ask an outsourced content developer to help you out.

There are always options.

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