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When’s the Right Time to Write?

When people find out that I do content creation they will often have lots of questions. How do I come up with ideas for my content, how much do I charge, what kind of content do I do and how do I find the time to do it all?

I decided to answer them here in the hopes that my best practices can be helpful for you in your own content pursuits:

How do I come up with ideas for my content?

That’s a great question and the short answer is my material is drawn from my everyday life. I’m attentive by nature and so something that I read, see, or hear will ignite a thought, a photograph that I take will lead to me musing about how it relates to business. The truth be told, I never run out of topics, for myself and my clients as well.

How much do I charge?

You’ll notice that we don’t have a fee schedule on our website. We want to be transparent but since all of our work is customized and everyone’s needs are different (number of articles per month, number of website pages, etc.), it’s quite difficult to provide a budget until we learn about the project. We’ve tried it the other way and it just doesn’t work so if you are interested, connect with us and we’d be happy to provide you with a quote.

What kind of content do I do?

Wordswork Copywriting has three incredibly talented writers and all of us have different strengths. As for me, I would say that I am the “Queen of anecdotal writing” and love to paint word pictures to communicate complex ideas and thoughts. We do everything including blogs, newsletters, social media, websites, articles, sales and marketing materials, business letters, presentations, and more.

How do I find the time to do it all?

GREAT question. I am highly driven and focused and when I set my mind to do something, it gets done. I know that seems to be just a cliché response, but it is true. I’m also organized, maintain a calendar ,and do some time blocking too. I delegate the things that I HATE to do (i.e. bookkeeping) and use that time to do my mission-critical work, like writing.

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