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Why Write Right Now

Wow, things are pretty crazy right now. I’m coming to you from New York but it hardly matters where you are, the Covid 19 crisis has most certainly impacted you too.

Business has come to a crashing stop for many companies, big and small, and in that way, this is an equal opportunity situation.

Of course, for many big brands, their advertising and marketing continue, albeit slightly modified in its messaging. Still, they’re “out there.”

But how about you? For smaller companies and entrepreneurs that are feeling the pain of diminished business, the idea of spending money on advertising and marketing is ludicrous and rather than launching a new campaign, they’re pulling the plug on whatever they can that’s already in the pipeline.

I contend that’s the wrong approach. Becoming “invisible” right now will almost certainly mean that you will lose recognition and market share when things begin to ease up. Staying “top of mind” and highly engaged is the better strategy.

That means developing content, posting articles, sharing your newsletter and continuing to share expertise can be your path to continued short and long-term business success.

Start by creating an editorial calendar to which you can turn when you are uncertain what and when to write and you’ll find that once you get started you will build up momentum so that sitting down to write is no longer a burden.

Remember, the pandemic will pass. Now is the time to plan for future business success.

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