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Words Work! Turn Change Into Change


Whew. Feels like Mother Nature took all the marbles and just threw them up in the air. Who knows what the world will look like tomorrow?

Here’s something you can do today to further your business:

Your customers are likely at home, in front of their screens more than ever, and likely to be that way for some time to come. They are disoriented, nervous and trying to reestablish the rhythms of their business.

They need to hear from you, not with a message about distancing but a message that will draw them close. Remind them of who you are and reach out with empathy.

Help them through this turmoil with messages of hand-over-hand progress. Not hand wringing or hand washing. Channel your humanity, and your unique viewpoint to strengthen your relationship, burnish your image and provide them with solid steps to take forward.

Or, where to buy toilet paper.

We can help with the first, not the second

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