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Content writers are keen to use words that have impact, especially emotional impact. I don't know of many words that can "pull you in" more than the word "help."

What do you think about or do when you read (or hear) that word?

For me, the word "help" prompts me to pay more attention, to read more or listen to what is being said, and I read or listen more intently than I might otherwise do if another word was used instead.

Fundamentally, I consider myself to be a helpful person. I'm ready with my time and energy and willing to pitch in and lend a hand when I can be of assistance if you just ask me.

It's no surprise that many fundraising appeals utilize the words in their outreach to donors. Effective fundraising plays to emotions.

The same is true with networking. "Can you help me" or "here's how you can help me" are statements that get attention and prompt your fellow networkers to, you guessed it, help you.

Some people have told me that they don't like to use the word "help" because they don't want to seem "too needy."

That's all fine and good but what it you really need HELP. Why would you use words that have less impact and won't generate as much attention and positive response.

Be careful with the words that you use and yes, ask for what you need!

It's a good way to get the response you want!

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