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Color My World Happy

I don't know about you, but doesn't it seem that many of the posts that you see on social media pull at your heartstrings, and either evoke tears and sympathy, or tremendous happiness for what is going on in the life of the writer.

Me? My life is kind of regular. Certainly, I have highs and lows but they don't seem to be quite as high or quite as low as some of the posts that I read.

I'm not too sure about what I should do about that. I suspect, nothing, because I'm not going to manufacture sadness or glee and would rather proceed with my regular life.

So, what's a social media contributor to do? I get asked this question quite often, and here are my suggestions:

Showcase your expertise by providing tips, tactics, and pointers on your areas of subject matter expertise.

Share stories of your "regular" life. You'll find that insights into who you are received well, even if pathos isn't part of the story.

Respond to specific questions that you've been asked when you are presenting your services and create a post about that topic.

Comment on current events, but be careful to not step out of the boundaries of what is perfectly correct to say on social media and what can get you into trouble.

Most of all, be real, and be you. Don't try to walk in the footsteps of someone else because it is certain to come across as fake. And a fake story is never a good one to tell.

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