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If I Blog, I'll Get New Clients, Right?

If I had a dollar for everyone that has ever asked me if blogging will get them clients, I would be on easy street right now!

Writing (currently referred to as "creating content":):)) does not provide any guarantee that you'll be able to generate clients and revenue. That particular fact is right!

Creating content increases visibility and recognition. It provides you with a platform to showcase your subject matter expertise and thought leadership, and while both of these are positive, they do not automatically result in clients.

It's important to understand this lest you become disappointed or discouraged. Try to keep those emotions at bay.

Visibility and recognition are essential for winning new business. Being considered a subject matter expert can result in speaking opportunities that can, in time, lead to new business. Thought leadership can position you ahead of the competition.

The point is that you should not discount blogging and posting on social media simply because it is not a surefire method to win short-term business. Despite the patience that is required and the lack of guarantees, it is still a tactic that should be pursued.

If you don't enjoying writing, or feel that your time is better spent in other pursuits, outsource your content development and spare yourself the agita of a never-ending editorial calendar.

While writing is the right thing to do, stressing over it is not.

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