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Keeping It Real; Share Your Brilliance

Do you feel challenged when you need to write a blog, newsletter, or social media posts?

Challenged, but you get it done or challenged, and nothing ever gets written?

You don’t have to answer that because I am about to give you some ideas, so that “writer’s block” doesn’t get to be the affliction that causes you to not share your brilliance with the world.

That’s’ right, your brilliance.

Everyone has a story, or some unique insights into their business and what they provide.

What everyone doesn’t have is the confidence to put it out there.

And that’s where I come in. I WANT you to write because the more you share your voice, the more folks will know who you are, will think about your products or services, and potentially, yes potentially, become a customer.

I say potentially because content opens the door, sales get it done. For more on that see Adrian Miller Sales Training.

But I digress.

Here’s how to get started:

Think about the questions that you are currently being asked by clients and prospects. Make each one of those questions a separate post or blog.

What are three tips you can share that can help people do something faster, better, easier, more cost-effectively, etc. You know, the benefits.

Everyone has a personal life and a story to share with the world. Consider writing about something that is personal but for which you can draw a business correlation. For instance, did you work hard to lose weight? Great, tie that into grit, persistence, and desire, all awesome attributes for business, too.

The gist of this is to knock down your obstacles and start writing. Don’t hold back, be bashful, self-conscious or anything else that will prompt your fingers to leave the keyboard.

Do it and you’ll be surprised at how easy it soon becomes.

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