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So, Let's Talk About LinkedIn Content

Full disclosure, I'm not a LinkedIn consultant so the information I'm providing is borne out of personal (and often, frustrating, experience).

According to LinkedIn, there are 774+ million members on the platform. Here are some statistics to give you the scope and power of LinkedIn.

It's mind-boggling, isn't it?

Well, it is for me.

I post regularly on the platform and by regularly I mean at least once a day. I lean heavily on my content, once in awhile I'll repurpose someone else's post, and less frequently, I post a link to a business news story that captures my attention.

I tend to mix up my content as well, and include straight-forward business posts (i.e. 10 Ways to Sell Better, 5 Networking Truths), with much more personal story-telling that often has a business moral. I try to inject humor and humanity in equal doses and find the act of writing these posts very cathartic.

I look closely at my statistics and here's what I have learned:

My personal posts get many more views and much more engagement than my business posts. I think people like to know the "person behind the post" and my straight business posts leave them cold.

My personal photos are more effective than any stock photography, even when the stock photos are higher quality.

The comments that I receive are worthy of my comment back, and so I do, creating the foundation for a "real" relationship.

My profile is a work in progress. I'm not embarrassed about the one I have posted now, but know that I can improve upon it.

I've started "real" relationships based on connections I've made on LinkedIn. In almost all cases, my new contacts tell me that it was my content that drew them in.

LinkedIn has leveled the playing field for all of us. It's a place where you can amass a large following but, as with any marketing endeavor, your following is of little value unless you know how to "work it."

Content is important, but strategic follow-up is more so. Hone your sales skills so you know what to do when your content starts to get traction.

Want a free post for LinkedIn? Contact me and we'll work one up for you.

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