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Using "Big" Words When Simple Words Will Do

Have you ever received an email that was stuffed full of multisyllabic words when clearly, more simple words would not only"do," but would be preferable?

Unless you are writing a legal brief that only lawyers will read, or a technical paper that is meant for fellow techies, there is no reason on to make things more complicated than they need to be.

You are NOT the smartest boy or girl in the room because you used words that aren't "real-speak." Quite the contrary.

Many (most!) people will roll their eyes when they read something that could have easily been said in a more simple manner.

Curb your enthusiasm. Say it like it is and don't prompt chuckles because you turned something simple into a wordy mess.

I can't help but use this spot-on cliche, "keep it simple, stupid" or KISS.

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