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Consistency Counts!

When my sons played hockey we parents had a favorite saying about one of the kids that played on the team, "I wonder 'which Justin' will show up today." You see Justin was a superb "A" player capable of scoring goals, blocking shots and taking hits with the best of them but the issue was simple: Justin wasn't consistent.

Sometimes he showed up at the rink and he was playing his "A" game but at other times the Justin that showed up put out "B" effort or even worse.

Being able to count on him was impossible.

Now please don't get me wrong. I know that all of us have good and bad days. There are times when we excel and other times when we can't seem to get it right but before you nod your head vehemently let's consider something - when you're a coach and your team is facing difficult competition don't you know that your players have arrived ready and able to put forth their "A" game.

It's the same in business.

Employees must show up ready to play their "A" game. Nothing else will do and when the "B" or "C" player arrives then deals are lost, clients become disenchanted and the business suffers.

As a salesperson I know that I need to be an "A" player each and every day. My clients depend on it, my prospecting efforts won't succeed without it, and my own self-confidence will remain solid because of it.

What about you? Are you always ready with your "A" game or is there a challenge with consistency?

Try to analyze why inconsistencies occur and take action to control the circumstances. Your productivity and results will improve and so should your revenues.

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