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What to Do When You Have a Case of Writer’s Block


People ask me if I ever get writer’s block and yes of course, it happens to me. I get myself ready to do some writing and what happens? Nothing. Yes, total blankness and while I used to fret about it, I no longer get worried.

You see I know it will pass. Ideas and story lines will come to me and I’ll be able to create the newsletter or blog or website well before the deadline.

Here are some suggestions if you ever find yourself going blank:

Don’t obsess; take a break.

Trust me, nothing is going to get better if you sit there and stare at your blank computer screen. Writers know that sometimes the thoughts come easy and the words flow without missing a beat and sometimes you can’t type a word. The best strategy is to get away from your computer and take a break from writing. Tackle another assignment or go for a walk, read a book or listen to music. You’ll find that by focusing your attention on something else you will be able to concentrate and gain more clarity about what you need to write.

Schedule enough time and start working well before the deadline.

Some writers thrive on pressure and the tighter the deadline, the easier it is for them to get to work and create great content. For me, not so much. I find it easier to have some “breathing room” and a bit of cushion should I find myself being “stuck.” The pressure of a hitting up against the deadline doesn’t make my thoughts flow better but rather it makes me tense up and get me even more frozen.

You don’t have to start from the beginning

The first sentence is often the most difficult so mix it up a bit and start in the middle or at the end. Don’t pay attention to sentence structure or spelling, just allow your stream of consciousness to drive the writing and you might find that it gets easier with each sentence.

A word of advice, you should not be overcome with a feeling of dread when you have to create content. If that’s the case you should consider your other options. Stick to what you do confidently and outsource the rest.

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