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Oh I Got This. I’m A Great Writer

Being a great writer is a terrific skill to have.

Good writing can help you to get that job interview, communicate with sympathy when sending a condolence note, and create fabulous reports and documents for work.

But being a great writer doesn’t mean you will be great at doing your blog.

Here’s why:

Writing a blog takes commitment and time to create new posts on a regular basis and without big gaps in frequency.

Unless you are writing specifically for people that are subject matter experts in your field, your blog posts should be readable and written for the “lay” person. Not everyone can write in this type of accessible manner.

Coming up with topics on a regular basis can tax even the most creative writer. Professional content developers do this daily.

And so I ask you, do you really have the time to do your own blogging? If you are thinking “maybe not,” you should reach out to an individual or company that can assist you in your blogging efforts.

We’d love it to be us here at Wordswork Copywriting, but regardless, consider your options and find a resource to help you get it done!

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