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Love Is Love Is Love Is Love Is Love Untitled

These simple words were the main part of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s acceptance speech when he won the Tony Award in 2016 for his extraordinary play, Hamilton. Coming at a time of political discord, mass shootings, and intolerance, his simple words resonated loudly.

Words. They can hurt or heal, harm or help. My honest advice is if you plan to write your own content for your website, blog, newsletter or just about anything that has words make certain to ask someone you trust to read it to ensure you are communicating the exact message that you want to communicate and that what you’re trying to say isn’t getting lost in translation.

When you write your own content it is sometimes difficult to stand back from the words, reflect and revise if required. That’s why professional writers have editors. It doesn’t mean that the content is poor, it simply means that the words can be sharpened and convey the message with less ambiguity.

Take the time for this very important step. I guarantee it will serve you well.

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