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20 Things You Can Do To Build Business NOW

1. Reach out to 5 dormant accounts 2. Make 5 prospecting calls each week 3. Become more active on social media 4. Ramp up your networking 5. Create an ebooklet and use it as a lead magnet 6. Do content marketing 7. Develop a group of networking power partners 8. Cross sell your existing clients 9. Take a class and improve your skills 10. Ask for referrals 11. Mine the gold in your existing database 12. Find out why the project was awarded to another company 13. Consider starting a board of advisors to help you with major decisions 14. Conduct a SWOT analysis 15. Get to work earlier or stay later 16. Revisit direct mail 17. Participate in trade shows 18. Do speaking engagements 19. Advertise 20. Become a thought leader in your space

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