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The Blatant Truth: How To Keep Your Sales Stream Alive

Adrian Miller Video Training Podcast

Okay, so how many times have you sat through some very dreary sales training? Listening with half an ear, and counting down the minutes till you could make your escape. Well worse, you were sitting there but totally tuned out, and engaging in such mental exercises, as deciding what you're going to have for lunch, or maybe dinner, or maybe which movie you're going to see. Well you get the point, right? That's not what we're going to do here, right now.

You're invited now to listen to the Blatant Truth. It's in your face, highly usable, take-it-to-the-bank, kinds of tactics that I think you can put to work immediately and get started, or keep going with your sales success.

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So number one, stay on the prospect's radar screen. How many of you have lost prospects simply because you've fallen off the grid? The answer is probably way too many of you listening out there right now. How bad is that actually? After you've invested time, invested money, in developing this prospect in the first place. I call this, losing out on your share of ROT, which is return on time. How do you make certain that you don't fall off the grid. Frankly it's pretty easy, and I'm going to give you a couple of quick tips right now.

The first is to develop an ongoing prospect touchpoint management program. This is not calling in to check-in or touch base. Because that's what we do with our parents, or we do with our school-aged children at 3 o'clock. Our prospects don't want us to check in. They don't want us to touch base. A couple of those calls and they going to find that they don't pick up the phone, or they click delete on your messages. What we need to do is have a carefully crafted plan of maintaining your prospects' mindshare. Here are couple of quick things that you can do to be able to do that.

The first is, your email communication shouldn't just be, "Hi, I'm checking in." It should be value-added. Because by the time you've developed this prospect, you do know what they're interested in. And so you can send them links to information, to websites that they might consider of value. Doesn't necessarily mean that it has to be a website or information about a work related issue. Could even be personal. Because if you're at a networking event, and you meet with someone, and you talk to them about their kid's soccer game, a link to some information about a soccer team in Argentina might be of value, and of some interest to them. So make sure your email communication is the kind that they're not going to feel comfortable deleting. Because it just doesn't have anything but self-serving, self-promotional information in it.

The next is be a people connector. How cool would it be if you introduced your prospects to some of your clients, some of your other prospects, maybe some of your vendors. Think of yourself as a people connector. As someone who when you give them a call will say to them, "Hey you know what, I know somebody you should meet. They're not a client of mine yet, but I think that you two have some synergies that should be shared. How about if I do an introduction by email, or we all go to breakfast together

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