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Why you need a good sales letter

As a business owner I receive plenty of marketing and sales solicitations, some of which catch my attention immediately and others that get tossed or deleted after a quick glance at the messaging. Whether your marketing materials are basic or elaborate a good sales letter is essential to your business prospecting endeavors.

It’s not all that easy to craft a good sales letter. I know, I’ve written hundreds of them and each one takes time and energy until I feel that it is just right and communicates exactly what I want to say.

My personal feelings aside, the real proof of how good the letter is, or not, is in the response rate, assuming of course that the letter has some sort of call to action for the reader.

The letters that I write for my own company are pretty straightforward. I want to generate interest on the part of the reader and I either want them to reach out to me (the pinnacle of success!) or be responsive when I follow-up with a phone call.

Many solopreneurs and owners of small businesses are uncomfortable creating a sales letter and since they rarely have in-house sales and marketing resources, they are apt to forgo this method of sales outreach.

Instead they rely all too heavily on business networking, referrals and cold calling all of which I tell can be more effective if there are introductory and follow-up letters to include in the initiative.

You don't want to make undermine your business growth because you find it difficult to arrive at t

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