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There Are Topics Everywhere

I do a significant amount of writing and while I might occasionally find myself in a bind while trying to express a thought, or momentarily confused about the correct use of a specific word, there is one thing that I never find troublesome and that is coming up with topics to write about.

It’s never an issue and in fact, I often have enough topics for weeks or months to come.

Here are some tips on how you can do the same:

1. Be very attentive to the questions asked by clients and prospects and if a particular question is frequently raised you can turn it into a blog post. It’s been shown that the interest is there.

2. Business newsletters and digital publications often provide ideas for topics that your readers might find interesting and valuable. Use these articles to spark ideas for your own content.

3. Ask your contacts what sort of information they'd like to get in your blog.

4. Take a step back and think about the work that you are currently doing and create topics around the various tactics and strategies.

Regardless of how you go about doing it, coming up with content takes time. Your goal is to write about things that can position you as a subject matter expert and drive interest and intent to connect with you for work.

My advice is to either jump into this blogging pool and swim fast and furious. Create a list of topics, develop the schedule to write the content and get started now.

If you see any red flags and decide that you don't have the time to do this on your own then reach out and we can either help you ourselves or point you in the right direction to get it done.

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