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Writing a Blog or Newsletter is NOT Public Relations

This is a shout out to all of the PR professionals that toil each day interfacing with the media and helping their clients to get coverage.

Fact: we don't do that.

While we at Wordsworkcopywriting are entirely capable of writing a press release we don't have media connections and contacts that can be put to work on your behalf.

Our skills lie in the following areas:

· Creating compelling content customized for your business that will interest and engage the audience that will read your content

· Driving attention to your website organically

· Stimulating business inquiries and new business opportunities

· Positioning you as a subject matter expert

· Ensuring that you “stay on the grid” and have ongoing visibility to your clients, networking contacts, and key referral sources

Connect with PR professionals if you want media coverage. Connect with us if you want to discuss any of the above.

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