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The Early Bird Gets The Worm And Also Does Their Best Writing

Creepy cliches aside I'm the proverbial lark.

I get up early, a smile on my face and need not the trilling of the alarm. The morning routine can either soothe or infuriate me depending on what damage my cat has done in the middle of the night, but once the coffee has been downed and the paper read or to be more honest skimmed, I'm good to go.

The morning energy and light, the idea that it's a brand new day awash with possibilities, always gets my juices going. The blog, newsletter or sales letter that I start writing in the early hours of the day are always crisper, better phrased and are frankly more fun to write too.

And that's a biggie. If you're tasked with any sort of writing you need to drill down on when doing so is the most fun. Don't let anyone else's preconceptions drive your schedule. It's your day; how you want to organize it is up to you.

Like I said, the morning does it for me but if midnight feels right for you then do it. Creativity doesn’t run on a time schedule and forcing yourself to write when you simply don't want to means more stress, less fun and a good chance you'll be dissatisfied with the results.

You might note that I’ve alluded to having fun and I mean it. There’s no need to feel pain and agita because you need new content. There are content writers at your beck and call. And if you’re the writer doing work for others, there’s no need to take on projects that don’t satisfy. There are other clients with work that might fan the flames of your creativity.

Don’t settle for anything less and do it on YOUR time schedule.

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