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Sometimes I Don't Feel Like Writing Either

Confession - I write for a living and sometimes I don't feel like writing either.

There are times when my brain feels sluggish, the ideas come slowly and the words don’t seem to flow at all. Facing my monitor with my hands on the keyboard and the silence is deafening.

But write I must because like I said this is how I earn a living. My clients hire me to take this burden off their shoulders. They might not have the ideas or words but surely I do!

So yes, my confession, sometimes I don't have the words either but since it's imperative that I get past my writer's block, here's what I do. Maybe these tips can work for you too.

Take a break

Staring at your screen for an endless period of time will get you nowhere. It’s best to either move on to some other work and return to your writing later or go for a walk or even do some mild exercise at your desk. You'll find that you’ll have much more clarity and focus when you return to your writing. (It doesn’t get easier just because you’re staring at your screen longer!)

Do some reading

Certainly being an avid reader can help you with your own writing. I find that if I peruse newsletters and articles when I'm experiencing short-term writer's block I can get a burst of creativity. The newsletters and articles don't necessarily have anything to do with what I have to write but seeing the well-crafted articles can set me on my own writing path.

Brainstorm with a colleague

While writing is mostly a solitary task I find that brainstorming ideas with my business colleagues helps me to see my way clear to a well thought out topic and armed with their input the writing comes easier. Think about it this way- many people in advertising, marketing, and branding participate in creative strategy sessions. If it works for them surely some variation on this activity can work for you too.

I hope this has helped. Of course, if you still find yourself at a loss for words you can always contact us! We'd be happy to discuss how we can do the writing for you.

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