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Ten Things to Consider When Hiring a Content Developer

Are you tired of writing your own blogs and newsletters? How about wasting time creating your brochure while instead, you should be doing all of the mission-critical things necessary to run and grow your company?

You’re not alone and the good news is that you have options and perhaps the best and most accessible one is to outsource your content development needs.

It sounds pretty straightforward doesn’t it and it can be just as long as you take the following things into consideration:

1. Have you established your budget for content development, especially if this is going to be an ongoing endeavor?

2. What are your criteria for selecting the writer?

3. Have you taken the time to review samples and speak to the candidates about their process?

4. Will you come up with the topics or is that something you’d like your writer to do?

5. What’s your goal for the newsletter, blog or brochure?

6. Are you looking for someone that has a full-time “job” and does his or her writing “on the side?”

7. Have you gotten recommendations?

8. How much experience do you want the writer to have?

9. Do you want the writer to have experience in your specific field?

10. Have you determined the parameters of the project such as lead-time, number of revisions, etc.?

The more attention you pay to selecting your resource the more you can be certain of having a great outcome. Good luck!

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