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Typos Count!

Let’s face it: humans make mistakes. We are imperfect creatures. Try as we might to be infallible, we are simply, somewhat tragically, incapable that mode of existence. (Those superlatives are reserved for divinities and babies, and even those two groups are not universally adored for their “perfection.”) So, we’re left with the undeniable truth that humans do, in fact, make mistakes.

Our flaws are no more obvious than when we put pen to paper. Despite the current era of 10-second sound bites, viral videos, and emojis, it is often our writing that commands the most public scrutiny. The written word, after all, is composed thought, a measure of how clearly and concisely a person is able to convey their thoughts. Sure we applaud the brilliant, energetic orator; but who is this person without an equally brilliant speechwriter?

Alas this post is not so much about artfully composed content but rather a type of glaring mistake that undermines any and all writing: typographical errors.

Typos have no upside. There is no benefit to making one. There is only consequence and loss. In our overexposed age of global and instant connectivity, even minor typographical errors can have far-reaching effects.

Typos reduce the overall impact of branded messaging by introducing confusion and impeding clarity.

Typos suggest a lack of attention to detail and imply that proper editorial procedure was not ignored.

Typos damage integrity and credibility, and they can raise red flags about a certain level of education or professionalism.

Typos in pricing, contracts, and marketing material can have negative financial fallout.

In a professional sense, the goal of your writing should be to eliminate any doubt as to your credibility, worth, expertise, gravitas, and reputation. Whether a newsletter emailed to customers and prospects or a white paper published to a leading industry newspaper, the harmful consequence of having misspelled words and omitted punctuation is the same.

As professional copywriters and copyeditors, our commitment to strong, effective written communication is not only to preserve and sustain your message but also your reputation. We endeavor to keep your writing on track with the best possible content for the correct targeted audience, while guaranteeing that typographical mistakes do not hinder the thoughts behind the words.

WordsWork Copywriting exercises the same proofreading care and attention to any written communications that we see – social media posts, blogs, sales letters, brochures, web copy, even ebooks. We believe that typographical errors in any of these materials are simply unacceptable.

The next time you notice a typo, consider how many people overlooked it and how much impact it had on the overall writing. To say that “humans make mistakes” as an excuse for letting the typo slip, well, that’s just not okay. Typos count.

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