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It’s Not a Book

Most of the time when I tell people that I write content for a living they look at me like I was some sort of miraculous creature possessed with unimaginable skills.

They ask me when I find the time to write knowing that I have another business, how I get my ideas and how I find the focus and concentration to do the writing.

They’re incredulous when I respond quite simply “there’s always time to write a blog or newsletter” shaking their heads as if I proclaimed that my day consists of 28 hours while they have to make do with 24.

Folks, the fact is, it’s not a book.

Of course, there are ghostwriters galore that are in fact writing a book, but that’s not what we are talking about here.

We’re talking about articles and posts that run 300-750 words more or less and are used for a company’s blog, newsletter or on LinkedIn.

Once again, it’s not a book.

Too many people obsess over his or her writing and become frozen, incapable of getting started. They start and stop multiple times and find that days and then weeks pass by and not more than a sentence or two were written.

Please remember, it’s not a book.

It can, and often should be, short and punchy, engaging the reader from the very first sentences. Visibility and recognition are the goals and providing valuable information are key.

But, it’s not a book.

Don’t get stuck but if you do, know that you have options. My personal feeling is that once you know there are content developers that can write your content you will more easily be able to do your own.

But if you can’t, well, we’re here for youJ

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