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I Play Favorites

Okay, I admit it. I play favorites.

I never did such a thing when I was a Mom of young children. Back then, I was quick to point out that “I had no favorites and loved both of my boys equally” but times and circumstances have changed, and I am no longer referring to my flesh and blood but to clients for whom I write content.

And yes, I have favorites. That doesn’t mean that I let any of my clients fall to the wayside or that I don’t try my hardest to provide an exceptional work product for everyone. I most certainly do but I have favorites.

My favorites are a mixed bag and in it you’ll find clients that are:

1. Organized and thorough about what they need and when it is due and don’t switch up the rules of the engagement mid-stream.

2. Reasonable and don’t expect a white paper for the same investment as a 400 word blog.

3. Open and receptive to my ideas on how to approach the topics.

4. Understand that one blog post will not bring riches to their door (aka unreasonable expectations).

5. Respect my work and pay their invoices in a timely manner.

My goal for 2019 is to bring on some additional clients that would like WordsWork Copywriting to create content for their newsletter, blog, marketing mate

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