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Frozen (and Not in the Disney Way)

Confession - I'm a writer and sometimes I'm frozen. The ideas don't come, the words sound stilted and even worse, there seems to be nothing I can do to improve the result of my efforts.

While I haven't been able to totally eliminate my instances of being frozen, I have been able to come up with three things that help me break through the ice. Maybe they can work for you as well.

Take a break Sitting at the computer for hour upon endless hour will do nothing to overcome your writer’s block. Instead, consider the following: •

  • Go to the gym •

  • Take a walk around the neighborhood

  • Go out for a meal or snack •

  • Go to the movies •

  • Do some other work •

  • Call a friend

Free your mind of what you are trying to write and amazingly enough, the ideas and words will show up in your brain just when you least expect them to appear.

Read a magazine article or a book I find that the act of reading can not only clear my mind but also get me thinking about the ideas and words for my own article. Once you start to read and are enjoying the words and structure of the book or article you may find that your own words can come easier too.

Go someplace different to write If you find yourself blocked at your desk, consider taking your laptop or tablet outside or go to a café and see if that can start your creative juices flowing. It just might be that the relative quiet and solitude in which you usually surround yourself is no longer working and you need some ‘noise” to break through the writer’s block. Just do it

Sometimes I’ll get “stuck” because I am paying so much attention to sentence structure and grammar that I can’t really communicate my thoughts. I find that if I just let it flow and ignore typos and grammatical mistakes, I can get a running start, build some momentum and the words just seem to come.

If all else fails and you find that writing isn’t your think rest easy because there are content developers that can take on the task for you. Explore your options and see what you can find. The best solution might be taking it off of your plate altogether.

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