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How To Get The Best From Your Writer

For many people outsourcing their content can be extremely stressful evoking lots of fear and concerns including:

* Will the writer be able to capture my voice?

* What happens if the writer doesn’t deliver my work on time?

* What if I hate what they wrote?

* Is it really worth it to have someone write my stuff?

Let me put your mind at ease. Here are suggestions on how you can get the very best work from your writer/s:

* Be specific about the tone of the article. While your writer can probably capture your voice, he or she is most definitely not a mind reader. The more you share about how you would like your content to “sound,” the better your article will meet your expectations.

* Establish your editorial calendar far enough in advance so that the writer can comfortably meet your deadline. Last minute deadlines and changes to requested content are bound to undermine the writer’s ability to provide your content on time.

* Don't nickel and dime. Discuss your budget in advance and make certain that you both understand the parameters of the project and the associated fees. The cliché “you get what you pay for” is proven true time after time.

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