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Make Your Own Luck!

Make Your Own Luck

Some people have an inexplicable amount of good luck. Even during tough times, they’re successful in their careers, finances, and their personal lives without seemingly having to overcome the adversities that plague most of us. They don’t appear to be smarter or more talented, but they do seem to be blessed with some force of nature that consistently produces good fortune.

There are some obvious measures of luck such as winning a lottery or being born into royalty, but for most lucky individuals, good fortune is not a random occurrence. It truly has to do with having the mindset that encourages and allows lucky events to occur.

Do lucky people act differently?

Some recent studies have shown that they tend to have certain personality traits in common that play a pivotal role in producing luck. These so-called “lucky” individuals have been shown to be more extroverted, positive and open-minded, and less anxious than their less fortunate counterparts.

While having a winning personality certainly helps. There is one additional factor that can determine one’s ability to be lucky. It’s opportunity. Lucky people tend to create more opportunities for themselves to connect with others and socially interact. Anyone can improve their luck by welcoming new opportunities in their lives. These four strategies can help:

Open Up to Receive Opportunities

Opportunities can happen at anytime, anywhere. The more you make yourself available to receive them, the more likely they will come your way. How can you accelerate your opportunities? Network, take up a new hobby, join a group, reconnect with old colleagues, and even talk to the guy behind you in the grocery store line. Being friendly, relaxed, and interested in others will open yourself to many new opportunities.

Reacquaint Yourself with Your Inner-You

You have an intuition and gut feelings for a reason. They’re your internal compass to guide you on your life’s path. With the hectic pace of life, it can be hard to hear your inner-you. Take time out of each and every day to clear your mind, unwind, and even meditate to be able to effectively make the necessary decisions that will encourage luck to come your way.

Have Confidence in the Future

Lucky people are inherently optimistic. They expect good things to happen to them. Both negative and positive expectations can be self-fulfilling prophecies. So, doesn’t it just make sense to stay positive, and through your consistently upbeat thoughts, you’ll create your own luck in the coming days, months, and years.

Make Lemonade

Even lucky individuals are dealt lemons from time to time. It’s what you do with them that will make all the difference. Develop techniques to cope with the negative aspects of life and don’t ruminate over past problems. Move forward and stay positive.

While you can’t will yourself to win the lottery, you can control your mindset. So-called unlucky individuals can transform themselves if they have the desire and drive to do so. It takes conscious

effort to be positive and make the best of a situation. It takes an open mind to be accepting of new ideas. It takes a smile and the desire to connect with others to welcome new opportunities.

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