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Five "Rules" For Effective Blog Writing

Full disclosure – these are MY rules based on doing an extensive amount of content for myself as well as for clients.

By the way, my rules get results. They’re not based on the ABC’s of good writing, are actually pretty specific to blogs, and definitely shouldn’t be considered the “gospel” for most other types of writing.

Here goes:

Unless you're writing an academic paper targeted to those that are in the field, you should aim to write in a highly accessible manner. Think about the reader and what they will be able to absorb. Read the blog out loud. Does it “sound” interesting and will it hold the reader’s attention.

Be consistent. Make an editorial schedule and stick to it. Posting one blog and then nothing else for months won’t do much.

If you're not sure what to write about take your cues from your clients. What questions do they have for you? What information do they want? Showcase your subject matter expertise in your writing.

Have realistic goals for your blog. Getting new clients by way of your blogging may be the Holy Grail but it’s a rare thing indeed. Expect instead increased visibility, recognition and advantages in Google search. Reposting your blog on various social media platforms is an excellent way for you to become more visible.

Consider cross blogging or repurposing another person's blog if you find yourself short on topics or words. Both options may help you to become visible to a new audience and start new relationships. Always get permission if you are going to repurpose content and provide the appropriate attribution too.

Do you have any specific questions that we can answer? We’re here for you so just email us or even (drumroll) give us a call.

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