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Waiting Until The Last Minute

I was never one to wait until the last minute.

I was the student that set aside ample time well before deadlines in order to complete the work.

I don’t know, from the earliest age it just seemed easier to do it that way and I still do.

I maintain an editorial calendar for all of my clients, check it daily and set about writing their content (and my own) making certain to leave “plenty of time.” I try to complete my writing at least a week in advance of the due date mostly because I want a few "bonus" days to make any last minute adjustments. I also like to get the work to my clients with some extra lead-time just so they don’t feel stressed.

This methodology has served me well all these years.

The stress of having to do something at the last minute was never my style.

What about you? Do you wait until there’s not a moment to spare to complete your articles, write your blogs, and do the “work?”

I know many people say they work best “under a deadline” and I certainly won’t dispute them. Still, if you find yourself feeling extra pressure and aren’t certain how you’ll be able to get things done, I recommend that you try doing it the other way just to see if that’s a better strategy. I mean, you can always go back and wait until the last minute, right?

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