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Messing With Key Words

Did you ever read a blog post or article that hardly made any sense at all, that was so dense with keywords repeated over and over again as to be almost nonsensical.

Of course, you have. They're everywhere.

Let me state for the record that I know keywords are important and should be examined in most situations. I'm just coming out on the side of using some discretion in how you insert these words into your text. Ask yourself if what you wrote makes sense.

We are not SEO writers. We strive to write content that is smart, insightful, and relevant and positions our clients as subject matter experts and thought leaders.

We use keywords as you do spices in cooking. They're not overused so that the end product is distasteful. Instead, we use just the right combination so that the client has a positive outcome without taking a hit to their credibility.

Make sense?

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