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Hanging in Starbucks Thinking I Should Write a Blog

Are you the type of person that can do their writing in Starbucks or some other equally noisy location? Can you pretty much ignore everything and lose yourself in whatever it is you're writing?

Yep, I'm that person.

Maybe it comes from having had kids and pulling off extraordinary feats of concentration at the same time the tykes were shouting, running and creating overall mayhem.

Or maybe it's because writing is my way of escaping from the cacophony surrounding me, a blessed escape to be sure.

Regardless of the reason, I can write anywhere and it comes in handy.

I know many (most?) people like to do their writing in a quiet environment in which they can think and concentrate. It's not just that they prefer it to be quiet, they find it's the only place they can create something worthwhile.

The point is you have to know what works best for YOU and not only the best place for you to write but also the best time. Morning people can't function past 10PM while evening folks start to come alive when the skies start to darken.

Why force yourself to be productive where it’s impossible for you to concentrate or do work when it is a tiresome chore.

Write where and when it is best for you and enjoy the journey.

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