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When the Going Gets Tough the Tough Start Writing


It’s a strategy that can get you visibility and recognition. When the content is interesting, beneficial and positions you as a subject matter expert, it can also help to get you new business.

But what if you have difficulty presenting your thoughts and ideas in a cogent and logical manner or you can’t find the time to do a consistent blog or even that one-time article that will get you “eye-balls” and attention. Do you need to cast away the idea of “content” as a powerful tool in your marketing tool chest? Of course not!

If you agree that content is a proven way to attract prospects and showcase your competencies and expertise here are your options:

Research outside resources and hire a content developer to do the writing for you

Hire someone who will be tasked with content development

Utilize the skills of an existing employee

Improve or enhance your writing skills by taking a course and doing the content development by yourself.

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