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A Catchy Tune Can Equate to Catchy Content

People are always asking me how I come up with my ideas for blogs and social media. They're amazed that I can continually come up with things to write about.

When I tell them that it's no trouble at all, they are immediately skeptical, and are quite sure that I ponder for hours trying to arrive at suitable topics.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

For instance, this morning I was out for my daily run. As usual, I was listening to Spotify and Pandora, and using the music to help me maintain my focus and momentum.My "go-to" music is rock, disco, and occasionally, rap. The lyrics are less important than the beat, but this morning as I listened to the lyrics from a Carole King song, I recognized it as a great premise for a social media post.

I jogged a bit more and recorded a voice message where I set forth what would be the foundation of the post, and when I returned home 30 minutes later, I was ready to finalize the content and schedule the post.

Pretty easy, or at least it was for me since creating content is right in my sweet spot.

How about you? Are you challenged by coming up with topics or finding the time to craft your blog or social media posts?

Many of our clients work with us because a catchy tune is just that, a catchy tune. They look to Wordsworkcopywriting to turn tunes into content, ideas into messaging, and create the communications flow between their company and prospects.

We'd love to share some ideas with you. Q4 is in our sight lines and may be the perfect time for you to launch a social media campaign and create new business opportunities for the year ahead.

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