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Do You Have Nothing to Write About? I Don’t Believe You.

Have you ever looked at your computer screen wondering what on earth you could blog about?

Me too (but not oftenJ )

It can be difficult coming up with consistent content that you believe readers will enjoy as well as get some value.

Consider these ideas for when you have “brain freeze”:

· Think about the top 10 questions you get asked by clients. Write a blog post for each one and answer these commonly asked questions.

· Write a case study.

· Repurpose articles or videos that have relevance to your business.

· Record one-minute informational video “tips”.

· Interview someone that your readers would find interesting and relevant.

· Write a short book review.

· Share a blog written by a business colleague (and ask if they would post one of your blogs too).

· Create a contest and offer a prize.

· Do an infographic.

· Write about common mistakes in your industry or profession.

· Share your thoughts on a personal, but not private, situation.

· Write about something humorous.

· Repurpose one of your LinkedIn threads and write your thoughts about the “conversation”.

· Provide top tips from other SMEs in your industry.

If inspiration doesn’t come, take a break and come back to your writing at another time. Staring at the computer screen is a waste of time.

Get up and take a walk, listen to music or a podcast, read something, talk to a friend, or have a snack and you’ll find that when you return to your computer, you’ll feel more inspired and ready to write.

And, if you still find yourself stymied, think about outsourcing your content and free yourself to tackle the other responsibilities in your business. We’d love to assist you.

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