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If I See One More Article About Zoom Calls, I’m Going to Scream

By Adrian Miller

The pandemic has changed pretty much every facet of our lives and most certainly, the way we do business is no exception.

Having employees work remotely is a given for many companies and this type of work arrangement will most probably continue even after Covid-19 is in our rearview mirror.

Meetings that were once held around the conference room table are now done on Zoom, a software platform that unless you’ve been MIA for the past 4 months, you are most definitely familiar.

It is efficient and effective and despite the “Zoom fatigue” that can come about from staring at a screen for hours on end, it can work very well.

At the beginning of this “new normal” (apologies for the now worn-out cliché), people weren’t 100% certain about “zooming” and so there were lots of articles explaining not only the technology but also how to sit, light and dress for the calls.

At first, these articles were informative and interesting but in a short amount of time they became “old news.” After all, Zoom isn’t that complicated and the idea that you need to dress professionally for a business call was truly not rocket science.

Still, the articles kept appearing and after a while, I stopped looking at them. You probably did too.

And so, the lesson to be learned here is a simple one; try to be original. You don’t have to be the very first person to ever approach a topic but as the saying goes, “don’t beat a dead horse.”

If you have difficulty coming up with topics, titles and ideas to engage your readers, connect with us and we’d be happy to provide some inspiration!

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