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Read it aloud

There are times when I’m quite certain people are wondering exactly what I am doing when they see me reading aloud from my computer screen or a piece of paper in my hand.

To be truthful I’m pretty oblivious to anyone watching me as I get into the moment and become fully immersed in my words. That’s exactly what I want my readers to do as well.

And so I read my words aloud, time and time again until they:

· Capture the essence of what I’m trying to say

· They sound like ME speaking directly to the reader

· They don’t sound like I’m trying to be the smartest girl in the room, using jargon in order to do so

I can’t determine if I’ve succeeded at these things if I read the words silently and just hear them in my brain. Instead, I have to hear the words spoken aloud.

I find that it makes all the difference in the world and I’m 100% convinced that if more people did this one thing, their content could be so much better.

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