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Sales and Marketing, Marketing and Sales

Your blog, your thought leadership, every piece of copy you produce has 2 objectives:

* One is marketing – to generate awareness and interest, and to put a halo over your head that indicates you stand out from the crowd.

* The second is sales. While you might not get a lead every time you publish, you publish because it contributes to your sales effort.

Marketing gives customers (and potential customers) the reason to engage with you in a sales context.

The thing about publishing is that it’s additive to the marketing and sales process. Let me clarify – if you are consistent, and consistently excellent, you demonstrably further your sales efforts.

Trouble is, it’s hard to be both consistent and consistently excellent in your writing.

It takes discipline, time and talent. The first few posts are usually easy. You’ve got ideas that you’ve been itching to explore and the words pore out. Then it begins to be drudgery, which affects the key elements of consistency and excellence. Again, it’s additive. If you do not meet the bar for consistency and excellence, your investment of time is worthless.

Which is where we can help. We are marketing and sales professionals, with strong track records, and a publishing resume that includes blogs, books and papers, national and international.

Marketing and sales are the circle of life for any business and the more symbiotic, the better for your business.

Generate demand, close business. It’s an efficiency that all businesses are trying to perfect. It’s elusive, at best. We’ll bring it right to your inbox.

Our value prop is simple. We’ll do your copywriting, and infuse it with our experience.

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