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Should I Include Images or Videos With My Blog?

By Adrian Miller

Should you include images or videos with your blog? The short answer to that question is a resounding yes and here’s why:

Images and Videos Grab Attention

It’s gotten to the point that people no longer read and if they do, they tend to scan. There’s even a thread on Facebook whereby people post and make a point of mentioning that they want to see how many people actually read the post all the way through, despite the fact that there are no images. With that being said and regardless of the quality of your content, it is best to include an image or video to generate additional awareness.

Adds Impact to the Content

When you select the “right” image you add additional impact and emphasis to the content itself. Select your images with care and make certain that they “make sense” to the reader. There are many “royalty-free” sites from which you can select images and, of course, if you tend to take a lot of photos and videos, then your own photos may work even better.

Social Media Shares

People enjoy sharing content and when there is an image attached they will share the post more often. On a personal note, I quite enjoy sharing a post that has value and I feel that by sharing I also gain some recognition with the people that I “touch” with the post. Images and videos make the post even more visible.

So before you post your blog or social media content consider adding just the perfect image to attract attention and generate even greater visibility. I’m quite certain you’ll generate increased engagement.

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