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The Rules of the Content (vs. Covid) Game

Here are some quick tips that will help make your content development more effective.

In no particular order, they are:

1. Be interesting and post content that has value. There’s lots of competition out there.

2. Keep self-promotion and selling to a minimum.

3. Post regularly and don’t let weeks go by without being visible.

4. Re-purpose other people’s posts that are meaningful and relevant.

5. Have a plan (aka editorial calendar) so you can maintain consistency.

6. Post on multiple sites and measure your results

7. Be patient. Content marketing is a long game.

8. Edit carefully; typos undermine your legitimacy.

9. It’s not about YOU; think about your readers. What do they want to read about?

10. Be unique and use your own voice.

11. Be timely and responsive to comments.

12. Include visuals such as photographs, graphics and videos.

13. Don’t be afraid to repurpose your own content at a later date. No one will remember!

14. Enjoy the process and if you don’t, outsource the writing.

15. Celebrate content that is well received. Wine anyone?

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