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Woe is Me

Here’s an important PSA – check the content you’re creating for your blog, newsletter, and social media to see if it is:

o Filled with negativity

o Positions you as someone that is feeling sorry for themselves

o Is self-serving and whiny

o Creates no value

Now, I know that seems harsh, but I’ve been noticing a trend. Maybe it’s because Covid has been going on for so very long and we see the year slipping away from us. Maybe it’s because there are lots of negatives occurring right now and it’s becoming ever more difficult to get out of the way of fear, loathing, and doubt.

But, try hard to not get mired in the gloom and share it with your readers.

Hey, if you’re writing you have your health. ‘Nuf said.

Use your content to educate, inform, enthuse, and encourage.

It’s not to whine.


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