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What’s in Your Sales Playbook?

I’m not one for rules and regulations, and I don’t much follow any sports except hockey, but one thing I do know for certain is that most sales reps do better and sell more if they have a sales playbook.

The playbook doesn’t have to be an elaborate document although that’s perfectly fine too but in my 29 years of sales training and consulting I’ve found that simple is usually better and simple gets followed more often too.

Here’s what you should include in your playbook:

  • Who are your prospects

  • Where can you find them

  • What’s your primary offer/deliverable

  • Secondary offers

  • Sales outreach methods / touch point management

  • How to handle positive responders

  • What to do with negative responders and unreachables

  • Networking initiatives

  • Measurement and results analyses

  • The old rule of thumb applies – develop your plan, work your plan and you will achieve results.

  • Any questions? Call me!

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