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A Case of the Shoemaker with Worn-out Shoes

Confession - I do this for a living:)

Yep, I write my own blogs for my multiple businesses, but I also write blogs, newsletters, websites, articles, sales materials, and more for clients across a vast diversity of industries.

I maintain their editorial calendars, and never miss a beat.

Except on my own blogs.

And that's pathetic, but I'm not throwing out any excuses.

Just the facts.

  1. My plate is full so what falls off the plate is my "stuff." (Tell me you can't relate!)

  2. While I maintain this site, most of my work comes through direct referrals. (Tell me you can't relate!)

So while I want to serve up tips and techniques about content development, I find myself being much more anecdotal, and even then, not doing it with enough frequency.

And that's going to stop.

I'm putting it out there that I'm my own client and will do better. Now that I've gone public, I will stand behind my words!

And yes, tell me you can't relate!

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