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I Felt Very Creative Last Night!

I must admit that late nights at my desk are not my thing.


Last night was different.

The creative muses were calling my name, and I sat at my desk churning out content for clients, finishing up some pesky paperwork, and even straightening my desk.

It felt great last night, and felt even better this morning when I came in and saw a neat desk on which I could start to work.

I'm going to give the credit to my glass of red wine.

I'm not one to drink much at my desk, but last night was different.

Cold and damp outside, my cozy office seemed to be missing something and that was a glass of wine close at hand.

Sipping slowly I found the day's tension slipping away, and with it there was space for original thoughts.

Now, I'm not planning to make drinking at my desk a night-time habit, but I do see where it can be handy at times when the crush of the day was overwhelming and there's still work to be done.

What about you? Does an adult beverage or two make you more productive?


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